Law Firm Introduction

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Liao Ning JianFang Law Firm, located at the Dalian XingHai Financial business district of the XingHai Bay, is an AAA class law firm that provides professional and comprehensive legal services in the areas including real estate, financial investment, maritime affairs, intellectual property, corporation business, foreign business contract, marriage and family, labor and personnel, etc.

This law firm has been engaged by many large and medium-sized enterprises as long-term legal consultant, providing all-wave legal services and supports in project operation, business management and activities, etc. It conducts litigation and Non-litigation legal services in due diligence investigation, legal risk assessment, commercial negotiation, enterprise investment, merger and acquisition, equity transaction, labor and personnel, trade, mortgage and lease of fixed assets, draft and review for contracts and legal opinion letters, etc.

With professional legal service team proficient in English communication, this law firm can offer accurate, professional, and efficient legal advisory services for foreign corporations.


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